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Im so glad you are here, I'm Emily-Rose & just like you I believe everyone should have access to clean water!

However, there are currently 663 million people who do not, and I hear you...

Trying to visualise 663 million people can leave you feeling completely overwhelmed, so lets skip the overwhelm and chat about a solution.

Wash Away Poverty is an organic body-care range that give you the ability to actively fund WaterAid projects in developing countries and support the sustainability of our planet.

Wash Away Poverty achieves this by donating 50% of net profits to leading Australian charities. 

A charity so close to my heart, WaterAid Australia provides those in need with access to clean water.  

We only have one planet, which is why we teamed up with Green Fleet to combat our carbon emissions by planting Australian native trees.

With the help & generosity of our amazing crowd funding supporters & the ING dreamstarter program Wash Away Poverty raised over $20,000+ to kick start production!  

All of our organic body-care products are items we all use everyday, if you haven't already please make the swap & buy some here! 

You are going to love using them! 

Emily-Rose x

p.s here are some behind the scene photos of the production process - I can grantee that your order is packed filled with love from my home to yours. 




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